The Functions Of Machine Skates And Hydraulic Jacks

Most businesses that require shifting heavy materials need machine skates and hydraulic jacks. These devices are unmatched when it comes to lifting and moving tons of loads. Human beings have been developing tools and equipment that can replace human hands. Over the years, they have made advanced machinery that can replace thousands of workers. Hydraulic jacks and machine skates apply physics concepts to lift heavy items easily with minimal human intervention. Here is how these devices are used in different settings.


Machine skates work wonders when it comes to moving raw materials or finished goods in most manufacturing or processing industries. Hydraulic jacks are commonly used for lifting heavy objects, especially when you are loading or off-loading trucks. Unlike the cranes, which are huge and require advanced operator training, the hydraulic jacks are lightweight, easy to operate, and quite convenient. Machine skates, on the other hand, help you to shift heavy loads from one location to another. All you need is enough space for smooth movement. Just like hydraulic jacks, machine skates are versatile, convenient, and easy to control.


Floor jacks and machine skates are deliveryman’s best inventions. They are quite common in warehouses and are specially designed for impossible tasks. The machine skates have iron alloy wheels that can withstand heavyweights around.

Motor Industry

Hydraulic jacks are also conventional in the motor industry. They are used for lifting car parts and heavy metals. You can also use hydraulic jacks to lift the trunk of your car when changing tires or repairing the underside of the vehicle. The main advantage of hydraulic jacks is that a typical one can lift 2-3 tons. The advanced ones can elevate to 30 tons and are commonly used for repair of heavy trucks and equipment. Similarly, machine skates can shift tons of materials, even though they are not common in car repair centers.

Construction Industry

Machine skates and hydraulic jacks are also conventional in construction industries. They help in lifting construction materials like bricks and cement. The big hydraulic jacks could also be used to lift parts of a building for repair. Not all machine skates and hydraulic jacks are suitable for every purpose. It is advisable to read reviews and find out more about the right ones for your needs. Most importantly, check the weight rating and the size of the machine skate to ensure it is suitable for the intended task.